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Universal Studios Singapore

Singapore is one of the most enchanting places that one can visit for a romantic holiday with their partner. Being the land of cultural diversity and various ethnicities, one can often get the best of the world being in Singapore. Also famous for the food, Singapore is like a little paradise for all the foodies out there, there are so many experiences that one can enjoy being at the gorgeous land of Singapore and have a great time enjoying the wonders of this enticing land. Get a Singapore family holiday tour or Singapore Couple tour to get the best of Singapore in your budget.

These are the best things that one needs to try while enjoying a holiday in Singapore.

 Gardens by the Bay

gardens by the bay

A wonderful nature park, Gardens by the Bay is really popular tourist hotspot in Singapore that has 3 waterfront gardens which are known by the names, Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central Gardens.  The great attractions that one can find while being in Gardens by the Bay are Cloud Forest, Far East Organization Children’s Garden, Supertree Grove, OCBC Skyway, Flower Dome, World of Plants, the canyon. Others are Bay by the East, Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes, Heritage Gardens, Sun Pavilion, Art Sculptures etc.
There are many great events and options that happen in Gardens by the Bay such as Guided Gardens Tour, Self Guided Tour, Outdoor Garden Cruiser Tours, Conservatories Audio Guide etc.  There are also many options that one can get for dining with various cuisines and shops from where you can buy a lot of souvenirs.

Where is it located at?: Gardens by the bay is located on the Marina Gardens Drive.

 What is going to be the expected price approximately?: This actually depends on the facilities one wants to have.

What are the timings going to be?: Again, it entirely depends on the services that one chooses.


sentosa island

A famous tourist hotspot, Sentosa Island is one of the most popular tourist hotspots of Singapore that is actually a manmade island which has been built in Singapore for fun and recreation purpose. One can have a great time at the various tourist attractions that one can enjoy in this place such as Tiger Sky Tower, Singapore Butterfly & Insect Kingdom, the expansive Resorts World, Universal Studios Singapore. Also, Sentosa houses the famous SEA Aquarium which has probably the one of the largest collections of aquatic animals in the world, SEA Aquarium which altogether creates a wonderful resort experience to cherish. Get your Singapore tour with Sharp Holidays to enjoy maximum discounts while you unravel the famous Singapore.

Best attraction: One can enjoy a great time watching the dolphins doing their cute antics in the dolphin park.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Being set up in three ultra-modern buildings that overlook the stunning Marina Bay, one would gorge at the sight of Marina bay Sands which is a delight to even look at.  This luxurious hotel has floor-to-ceiling windows that give you the marvelous view of the city or bay, providing you with nothing less than the best, There are some of the most luxurious suites in here where you can enjoy a luxury experience during your Singapore Honeymoon.

What are the major attractions?: One would find more than 80 chic restaurants and 24 bars in here that also has a skybar that will give you some of the best views of Singapore, also, one can chill in the rooftop infinity pool, or enjoy the sight of Singapore from the observation deck or maybe just get rejuvenated at the spa making it a great inclusion to your Singapore honeymoon package.

Where is Marina Bay Sands located?: Marina Bay sands is located across the road from luxe stores at The Shoppes. One can also visit from Bayfront MRT station by doing a walk for two minutes.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

If you go to Singapore and do not visit the famous Universal Studios, your trip to Singapore would be called a waste. This incredibly popular place in Singapore will make you squeal with wonder. There are always a lot of events happening in this wonder of a place that also offers many rides for the kids as well as for the adults as well and is touted as the best theme park of Asia.
What are the best things about this place?: The best part about this place has to be the seven themed zones that are inside named Far Far away, Lost world, Sci-Fi City,  New York, Hollywood, Ancient Egypt  and Madagascar,. One would find over twenty-four attractions in Universal Studios along with and the tallest pair of duelling roller coasters in the world.  Also Universal Studios has more than thirty restaurants and food carts from where you can satiate your foodie’s soul.

Where is it located at?: This famous place is located on Sentosa Island.

What are the timings going to be?: Timings can differ from day to day.

Singapore Flyer

singapore flyer

Witness the magical Singapore Flyer which is simply one of its kind making its place in the most visited places in Singapore. A really tall ferris wheel that can inhabit 28 passengers in 28 different capsules all of which are air conditioned. While being on the giant flyer, one can enjoy the majestic view of the city from the top at the height of 165 m which is simply breathtaking. There are many major attractions of Singapore that one can witness from high up there such as Singapore River, Marina Bay, Merlin Park, etc. Other than the beautiful views, one can also experience thrill and excitement while being on the ride,

What are the best attractions that one can view?: While being on Singapore flyer, you will be in for an adrenaline rush that will surely make your heart beat faster.

 What are the timings going to be?: 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM.
Where is it located at?:  30 raffles ave.

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Merlion Park

merlion park singapore

Being a great representative of entire Singapore, this destination has been highly glorified by Singapore Tourism, while going through advertisements, one would have noticed the magnificent half lion- half mermaid icon that has fountain coming out from its mouth. This masterpiece truly defines Singapore. This is not just a statue but according to the legends, it I a mythical creature that has a glorifying story to share, the body of this creature represents the ancient business of Singapore which happens to be fishing, whereas the head represents Singapore’s original name that happens to be Singapura which means “the Lion City”.

Where is it located?: Merlion park is located in the central of the city and overlooks the famous Marina Bay at Fullerton Road, Marina Bay.

What are the best attractions that one can view?: One can also enjoy the famous Light and Laser show or enjoy taking a River Cruise.

Night Safari, Singapore

night safari singapore

A stunning adventure, one can have the time of their lives being in the night safari of Singapore. It is a unique experience which is simply one of its kind, you would have seen wild animals during the day but watching them in the nights is simply enthralling. One can witness more than 2,500 nocturnal animals in there, living happily their natural habitat. In this safari, you would sit in your tram and ride through the night safari watching 8 types of geographical zones of the world exploring which would be the best thing to do in Singapore.
What are the best attractions of Night safari?: One would find many zones inside the night safari wherein every zone would be seen representing some of the most exotic animals,. It is an endearing experinece to witness some of the most stunning animals in the lighting that would make it feel like you are in the moonlight making the whole experinece even more beautiful.

 What are the timings going to be?:

The timings for the safari are 7:30 Pm to 12:00 AM

Singapore Zoo

singapore zoo

Being the number one zoo and aquarium of Asia, this zoo is shouldering upon some really heavy responsibilities, A must visit place in Singapore, one would find many great shows, exhibits and events happening in here where would find more than three hundred species of animals. Also, Singapore zoo enjoys great fame for being the largest captive colony of the world for orangutans and is plays a poignant role in their conservation.
Where is it located at?: This famous zoo is on the Mandai Lake Road.

What is going to be the expected price approximately?: Prices would depend on the services that you choose.

 What are the timings going to be?: 08:30am-06: 00 pm.

River Safari

river safari singapore

A gorgeous river-themed zoo and aquarium which is world renowned for being the first and the only river themed water park in Singapore where the visitors get the chance to witness more than six thousand animals of over two hundred species.
One can also enjoy many great exhibits, rides, river trails, Giant Pandas etc being here. There are also many programs that happen here for school children which are educational in nature.
Where is it located at?: River Safari is on the Mandai Lake Road.

What is going to be the expected price approximately?:  Prices would depend on the services that you choose.

 What are the timings going to be?: 10:00 AM to 07: 00 PM.

Jurong Bird Park

jurong bird park singapore

The first ever wildlife park in Singapore, one can actually have a geat time exploring this famous national park which is a true delight that one can experience. Being touted as the largest bird park in Asia, one can enjoy the sight of more than five thousand birds that belong to four hundred species. Also, there are many great exhibits and shows that one can enjoy being here.
Where is it located at?: Jurong Bird Park is located on Jurong Hill.

What is going to be the expected price approximately?: Prices would depend on the services that you choose.

What are the timings going to be?:  08:30 AM to 06: 00 PM.

Marine Life Park

Marine Life Park

If you are a fan of the marine life, you cannot miss out on the awe inspiring Singapore’s Marine Life Park to unravel the secretes of the oceans.
There are three main attraction zones that one can find in Marine life park named Adventure Cove water park, Dolphin island and Sea aquarium. Out of these three, Dolphin park enjoys the immense favouritism as it houses the world’s most friendly mammals: Dolphins!

Clarke Quay
One can learn many great art forms being in Clarke Quay be it drawing and painting, one would enjoy the sight of the jungle at the backdrop of your art; while you enjoy trekking through mangroves; enjoy the sight of crabs, mud lobsters, etc  in the day time. One can also enjoy photography, nature walks and guided tours in Clarke Quay.

Where is it located at?: Clarke Quay is located in Kranji Way.
What are the timings to visit?: 7 AM to 7 PM

Singapore Botanic Gardens

singapore botanic gardens

Singapore Botanical gardens enjoy great popularity and is one of the most visited places in Singapore. Being founded in the 1800s, Botanical Garden happens to be a part of cultural heritage of Singapore. Being a major tourist attraction, this garden was set up in 1822 and has been under transformation since then. Also, you would be astonished to know that Singapore Boranical Gardens is a part of the World’s Heritage Sites.

What are the best attractions that one can view?: One can enjoy various French Festivals along with Gourmet Picnic; enjoy the famous Orchid Garden Tour and a 1 hour Heritage walk through the Garden.

 Where is it located at?:  Botanical gardens is in central Singapore.

What are the timings to visit Botanical gardens?:
5:00 PM to 12:00 AM.


National Orchid Garden

national orchid garden singapore

Being a part of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, orchid gardens demand a visit on your visit to the botanical gardens, being across an area of 3 hectares, orchod gardens enjoys some of the best views that are awe inspiring.housing more than a thousand species and even more hybrids.
The best part about this garden is to enjoy the sight of the floras in the four season zones that are named as spring, summer; autumn and winter that displays various colours such as Gold, Yellow and cream.

What are the timings that one must visit Orchid gardens in?: 8:30 to 19:00.

Where is Orchid Garden located at?: Orchid Garden is in botanical gardens at Cluny Road, Singapore Botanical Garden precisely.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

buddha tooth relic temple and museum singapore

There are a lot of places that one needs to visit in Singapore but the most famous religious place in Singapore has to be the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum which is a major religious site. Being a classic example of Buddhist – China architecture, it is said that the holy remains of Buddha’s tooth are there in this temple. The architecture of this place represents the famous Tang Dynasty of ancient Buddhist.
What are the best attractions that one can view?: One can marvel at the sight of several artifacts of lord Buddha in this Museum such as his Tongue and Bone Remnants. Also there are many great film screenings, Buddha Prayer Wheel, cultural performances, Pagoda, and Eminent Sangha

Where is it located at?: South Bridge Road, Singapore

What are the timings of visiting this place?: 7AM to 7 PM.

Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore
Situated in Chinatown, the Sri Mariamman Temple is a major hotspot for devotees from all over the world. A major hindu temple the Sri Mariamman Temple was once named as Mariamman Kovil or Kling Street Temple.

What are the best attractions that one can view?: This temple is dedicated to the goddess Mariamman, who is renowned for her power to cure all the sicknesses and infections.
Where is it located at?:  244 South Bridge Rd, Singapore

 Fountain of Wealth

fountain of wealth in singapore

Holding a prominent place in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the largest fountain in the world. Enjoying a spectacular location, one would enjoy being at the fountain of Wealth which is in one of the largest shopping malls of Singapore named the Suntec City. One would enjoy the view of the fountain which is formed from silicon bronze, and also has a circular ring along with a circumference of 66 meters which has four legs supporting it. Being in a large area of 1,683 square meters, this place stands tall at the height of 13.8m.

Helix Bridge

helix bridge singapore

It is said that Singapore is like a little paradise during the nights, with some of the most enchanting wonders such as Helix bridge, one can never have enough of  Singapore. Helix Brideg is actually a footbridge which connects the Marina Centre and South Marina Bay over the famous Singapore River. This bridge is the world’s first curved bridge and enjoys a great popularity not just in Singapore but all over the world. One would marvel at the sight of the bridge that resembles DNA structure of humans that depicts ‘rebirth and growth’ .

What are the best attractions that one can view?: This bridge is lit up with hundreds of LED lights at night and is a delight to watch.

Where is it located at?: Marina Bay.

Best times to visit?: One must visit this bridge either in the Evening or during the Nights.

Having said this, these are the major attractions in Singapore that will make you fall in love with the gorgeous sights that Singapore brings with itself , one should surely get a Singapore Holiday package this holiday season and unwrap a world of possibilities in  the gorgeous land of Singapore.

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