Explore Dubai: the myriad of dreams

Skyline of Dubai

A city with the myriad of adventures and an amalgam of cultures, Dubai is truly the place for you. Housing the most exemplary architecture, luxury and diversity, it is the ultimate Dubai holiday destination for most people; this city is one of the fastest growing cities in the world that has undergone the major transformation. Holding for you, the door open to expose yourself to a lot of culturally rich and dynamic options, this place is one of its kinds; allowing you a dip in the amalgam of happiness.

There are a lot of great experiences that you can enjoy in Dubai such as visiting the tallest building in the world named Burj Khalifa or enjoying the shopping festival. Well, every city has a specialty, so does Dubai, this city is known for its food and shopping experiences.

Read on to know about the ultimate shopping guide in Dubai.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival

The Dubai Shopping Festival is also called as DSS locally, it is a fantastic festival to enjoy some amazing shopping experiences with the huge discounts, crazy promotions, citywide sales, making all the shopaholics glee with excitement. Along with that, there are also many great options for the kids for entertainment and recreation, one can also visit the enchanting street fairs with food stalls, fall in love with the sky displaying the nightly fireworks, or just enjoy the traditional performances and cultural activities. This festival is held in January and February when the UAE winter is simply stunning. In Dubai, at this time it is a great experience to swim and get tanned and there is a little chill in the air in the evenings giving you the best of both times. However, it is the high season so the hotels are bit expensive.

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Enjoy the Dubai Summer Surprises

This Summer Surprises is one of the best things that you can do in Dubai, this was started after seeing the massive success of Dubai Shopping Festival. Being a really family-oriented festival when the kids are on their school holidays, this summer version of DSS is actually held in the end of June to the end of August, with the entire city beaming with some awesome sale experiences. Also the hotels are at their lowest during this time giving you another reason to go to Dubai during Dubai Summer Surprises.

Experience royalty in the Dubai’s Shopping Malls

Dubai Mall

Dubai malls simply spell royalty in gold with some of the high end malls winking back at you. Dubai is truly a place of its kind. Don’t miss out on the amazing The Dubai Mall or the Mall of Emirates that will surely the best malls to experience luxury, along with shopping, one can get a lot of great entertainment and recreation options being here in Dubai.

Trying out the various tastes of Dubai

Dubai is one amazing city where you can try out various fun activities being there but the food of Dubai is truly enchanting that will truly take your heart away. Try out the most authentic Iranian, Lebanese and Arabic food, where the cuisines of Dubai will make you want more. The flavours of Dubai shall forever make a home in some part of your mouth as well serving you the best gastronomical delights.

Try the exotic Manousheh

How can somebody not love Manousheh? It is actually a local pizza which is a treat to your taste buds while you try out the Dubai specialties, this is an ideal choice for breakfasts which is made from the stretched dough or flatbread along with the delicious toppings like salty Akkawi cheese, earthy zaatar herbs and olive oil making you long for more and reaching the closest to a foodgasm.

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Try out the awesome Iranian Sangak

A delight for those who

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