Best Places to Visit in Australia for A Holiday

Harbor Bridge of Sydney

Australia happens to be the smallest continent in the world and the largest island that one can witness in Australia. This place is a delight for all the travelers. This place has some of the best experiences that await you while being in Australia, one would find some of the best wildlife and the most exotic tribes that one can witness in Australia which is beyond beautiful with its coral reefs, beautiful rain forests, gorgeous red-earthed national parks, mesmerizing beaches, and some of the best deserts that will make your trip to Australia worth remembering. We have curated some of the best places for you to include in your Australia holiday package. These experiences will make your trip to Kangaroo land all the more happy and enjoyable.

These are the best places to visit in Australia.

How can one not visit the famous Harbor Bridge of Sydney?

Harbor Bridge of Sydney

A major tourist attraction of Australia, the harbor bridge is a major attraction that one needs to visit on an Australian trip. This bridge actually rises up 134 m above the harbor, also famous by the name of “the Coat hanger”. You would find the largest steel arch bridge in the world being here. One would enjoy the sight of the gorgeous Cityscape while being on the bridge, one can also try climbing the bridge with a guide, also paying a visit to the museum in the southeastern pier would be ideal to know more about the history and construction of Bridge of Sydney.

Fall in love with the experience of Skydiving in Melbourne

skydiving in melbourne

If you are among those adventures and thrill lovers, try the experience of skydiving in Melbourne. There are many skydiving schools that one can try being in Australia. The experience of falling freely over some of the best landscapes will win you over. This is one of the best things to do in Australia.

You cannot miss out on sky diving over the  famous Yarra Valley or even on the famous The Great Ocean Road.

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Visit the famous Kakadu National Park

kakadu national park australia

Kakadu National Park happens to be a World Heritage Site and the largest national park in Australia. This is one of the best places that you can go to for the wilderness and is one of the best places to explore wildlife in Australia. You would be left wide eyed on witnessing aboriginal rock art, getting to meet about 300 different species of birds, rivers, gorges, magnificent waterfalls, etc being here in Australia. One would also enjoy the sight of saltwater crocodiles, dingoes and wallabies being here in Australia.

Pay a visit to the Blue Mountains National Park

blue mountains national park australia

A very famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, Blue Mountains National Park is a very famous place to witness in Australia; one would enjoy the fascinating sight of wonderful eucalyptus trees being here. Also there are many great experiences that one would witness being here such as visiting the Three Sisters, enjoying the sights of some famous gorges, witnessing some of the best paintings, meeting some of the most exotic wildlife species being here. One of the best delightful things to try with kids in this national park is to hop in the scenic glass roofed Katoomba Railway, also there are many more fun experiences that one can try such as hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, horseback riding, abseiling, etc.

Visit the famous Opera House in Sydney

opera house in sydney

Opera House in Sydney has the famous scenic Harbor Bridge and the most stunning Royal Botanic Gardens, one would have a great time at the famous Sydney Opera House which is a major tourist Hotspot in Australia. A magnificent architectural masterpiece, this opera house will stun you by the dynamic experiences, there are some of the best venues that are specially designed and reflect the images such as that of a huge sailing ship or that of billowing sails or shells, visiting this opera house is one of the best things to try in Australia. One can savour the taste of delightful Australian meal at some of the best restaurants, enjoy a tour of the building that has everything from theatres, exhibition rooms, a concert hall, cinema studios, etc all at one place.

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Have a great time being at the Carlton Gardens

Carlton Buildings Australia

One would enjoy the sights of Carlton Buildings and the Royal Exhibition Building that happen to be the two major attractions in Australia that can make anyone marvel at the thought of Carlton Gardens. Visiting here with kids is one of the best things to do with family in Australia. This place is also the major listing in the World Heritage sites. Also, this place is a major site in Australian heritage and history, enjoying great significance there. You would have a great time marvelling the flower beds, getting lost in the beauty of some of the best ornamental lakes and witnessing some of the best artistic fountains; also pay a visit to the Melbourne museum, and enjoy the sight of the Victorian-era Hochgurtel Fountain and circular French Fountain. There are many more museums that you need to witness in Asutralis named Australian War Memorial (Canberra),  Museum of Sydney (Sydney), National Museum of Australia (Canberra),  Powerhouse Museum (Ultimo)Jewish Museum of Australia (Melbourne), Australian Museum (Darlinghurst), Art Gallery of South Australia (Adelaide), Art Gallery of New South Wales (Sydney), etc which will be a great learning experience as visiting the museums of a place is the best way to get closer to the art of that place.

Make sure to visit the Great Ocean Road

great ocean road australia

Grand Ocean Road is one of the most famous places which is in Victoria, this Great Ocean road happens to be one of the most beautiful and panoramic views that one can witness being here. One cannot miss out on the famous sights being here such as formations of limestone stacks, Twelve Apostles, Otway National Park, Port Campbell National Park, hiking trails, picturesque rain forest, waterfalls etc. Also, try to witness the amazing Emus and Kangaroos being here in Australia on your Australia vacation.

Try hot air ballooning Over Yarra Valley

yarra valley australia

Melbourne is one of the best cities in the world that you can visit and have a great time being in. Yarra Valley is the best place to try hot air ballooning do that. You would be left enchanted by the experiences that you get here, don’t forget to take your camera along to get some of the best pictures that you can flaunt on your social media later. You will get to enjoy the views of the most amazing winery places in Victoria’s and also get to witness some of the best landscapes and vineyards being here. One can also enjoy a great time enjoying the morning sun.

Have a great time at the Sea World Marine Park

sea world marine park

One would enjoy a great time in the phenomenal Sea World that happens to be the largest marine park in Australia that is a delight for adults as well as for kids. This amusement park will win you over with some of the best experiences. One can also find many small sharks, penguins, polar bears, etc being here. You would have a great time enjoying a monorail ride and get a bird eye overview of the park; you can also buy the tickets and watch some amazing awe inspiring performances by the dolphins, sea lions, water-ski ballet etc. Also, try out some of the best sea- themed rides being here.

Have a magical experience of Skiing on the Snowy Mountains

mt kosciuszko australia

Well, the most favourite place that fun loving people enjoy being in Australia happens to be the Snowy Mountains region. This is one of the best places that one can witness in Australia. This place has some of the best alpine wilderness, one can also visit the famous Mt Kosciuszko that happens to be one of highest peaks of Australia and also the only glacial lake that Australia has. One would have a great time being here with family making it a great inclusion to Australia family holiday package.

There are many things that one can do here in the snowy mountains such as snowboarding, learn skiing, snow shoeing, riding on the slopes, tasting the local wines, schnapps, beers try some of the best delicacies that you can try there, snow tubing etc, these experiences will win you over.

Enjoy the phenomenal experience of scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef

scuba diving

This place has to be one of the seven wonders of the natural world, you would be left in for the most fascinating surprise on visiting this largest barrier reef system in the world. This place is one of the most stunning places that is located in the Coral Sea, The great barrier reef has to be one of the best world heritage site that is visible from outer space and happens to be the largest living structures that one can find on the planet. This area has more than 3000 coral reefs and some amazing scenic Islands that are a delight to witness. One can enjoy diving in the crystal clear turquoise waters and enjoy some of the best marine lives and witness the magical magnificent reef that one can enjoy the sight of from the viewing stations underwater and also, if Scuba diving is not your thing, you can still get closer to marine life being in the wonderful glass bottom boats. This is going to be a wise idea if you don’t want to get wet being in waters, this is one of the things that one can include in Australia Honeymoon packages.

Thus, these are some of the best experiences that one can get while being in the gorgeous place named Australia that will stun you with its vivid experiences that will win you over with diversity and will enchant you with its mirage of wonderful possibilities. Book your Australia holiday with Sharp Holidays to get the best deals and discounts on your holiday and make it more personalized yet affordable. Have a happy journey! We hope that this Kangaroo land will fill your trip memories with joy and delight!

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