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Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful places that one can visit for the beautiful landscapes, beautiful hues and some of the best adventure sports that one can never get enough of.  Known as “the land of snow”, this place houses the best hill stations that one can never have enough of. There are a lot of couples opting for Himachal Honeymoon package to fulfill their honeymoon fantasies.

These are the best places that you can witness for a beautiful stay.

 1. Kullu-Manali

Manali tour

One of the most beautiful places that one can never be satisfied by, one would find the beautiful breeze of fresh air and green mountains that will truly take your heart away, this place is filled with some of the best romantic escapes that make people opt for Kullu Manali honeymoon volvo tour that is one heck of a delightful experience. To make your stay here worth remembering, one must stay in this place for about 4-5 days. To have the best time in Kullu Manali, one must visit this place in the month of November to January to experience snowfall. One can try various adventure sports in Solang Valley or pay a visit to the famous bird sanctuary of Manali. One can also try trekking, camping and other adventure sports being here.

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2. Shimla

shimla trip

Again, the most popular place in Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is not just a place but an experience to remember. To witness some of the best landscapes along with a gorgeous weather, Shimla is a wonderful place to visit. Plan your Shimla visit in the months of November to January to experience snowfall. One can enjoy a great time at the mall road or pay a visit at the Hanuman temple, or trek at Visceral lodge or play polo being here. Shimla will never disappoint you.

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3. Dharamshala


Being famous for being the residence of Dalai Lama, this is one place that is truly not worth missing out on for a holy encounter, it is a must visit place on your trip to Himachal. A multicultural patchwork of various ethnicities, one would marvel at the visit to this gorgeous place. Dharamshala must be visited in the months of November to January to experience snowfall. One can enjoy a great time at the Dal lake while being on a boat ride or pay your tribute to the famous Bhagsunath temple or click some gorgeous pictures at Bhagsu falls or visit the monasteries at Kangra valley.

 4. Kasauli

kasauli trip

Kasauli is a beautiful escape that provides peace and serenity that one can never have enough of. There are many tourist places that one can witness in Kasauli such as the Anglican Church, the famous Monkey point that is in the shape of the foot of Lord Hanuman, also this place offers a lot of options for trekking and camping being in Kasauli. In addition, the sunset and sunrise points are truly ethereal. One must plan a visit to Kasauli in the months of December to January to experience snowfall and make the most of your trip.

 5. Bir Billing

Bir Billing

For all the adventure lovers, Bir Billing is one destination that is simply like a dream, It is the main attraction for the lovers of adventure sports that is a must add to the ones who love adventure and thrills. There are some crazy adventures that one can enjoy being in Bir Billing. Try the sport of Paragliding being in Bir Billing that is a adrenaline pumping experience. Also, there are many monasteries that one can witness in Bhattu, Choggan and Chauntra Bhattu colony. Also, witness the famous 13th century Vaidyanath which is devoted to Lord Shiva. The best time to visit Bir Billing is from May to July to make the most of your time in Bir Billing.

Thus, these are the best places that one can visit on a Himachal Pradesh Tour Package. Book your travel with Sharp Holidays to sort your travel and have the experiences of a lifetime that will stay etched in your memories for a lifetime.

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