20 Must Visit Places When Travelling To the North East

pelling sikkim

North east is one of the best and the most beautiful places in India that one can visit. This region displays an interesting blend of nature, beauty and magnificence that you cannot find at any other place in India. North India is famous for the unparalleled beauty, enchanting landscapes, lip smacking snacks, diverse culture and a lot more. This is one of those places that you need to visit at least once in your lifetime. This place is ideal for the honeymooners as this place provides a great romantic escape.

These are the best Places to visit in north east India

Visit the Famous Tawang Monastery

Tawang Monastery

You cannot skip visiting this most famous monastery in the North East. This is a really beautiful and enchanting monastery at a height of 10,000 feet in the famous Arunachal Pradesh, this monastery offers you a spectacular view of the valley which is one of the Best Honeymoon Destination for couples. This place houses more than 450 monks where you can sit and enjoy the most gorgeous views ever which will make you enjoy the beautiful view of the Tawand River in the evenings.

What is the best time to Visit this place?: You must visit this valley from the time of April to October to get the most out of this place.
How can you reach this place?: Tawang monastery can be reached by trains, buses, helicopters, flights and road.
What is this place famous for?: This place is famous for its magnificent beauty during the nights especially during full moon nights. You will be enchanted by the sight of 850 sculptures.

 Have the crazy experience of Day and Night Concert at the famous Ziro Valley

ziro valley arunachal pradesh

Witness the famous Ziro Valley which happens to be one of the best places that you can witness in the great North East enjoying some magnificent views. This valley is known for its three day and night rock concert, which is held every year towards the end of September. It is a delight to experience this event. No doubt, it is one of the best things to do in north east india.

What is the best time to Visit this place?: You must visit this place at the time of the music festival in September.

How can you reach here?: This place can be reached through air, train, and even by road.

Experience echo being at the famous Nathu La Pass

Nathula Pass

‘Nathu pass’, the name has been derived from the words “listening ears”. You can enjoy the beautiful trek on this area which will give you an amazing experience to remember for a lifetime. This is one of those treks that a person will capture a lot of beautiful memories being on. One can also enjoy the view of a lot of beautiful lakes on the way.

What is the best time to visit this place?: This place must be visited during the summers when the temperature is at 15 degrees.

Enjoy river rafting at Siang river

rafting at Siang river

Siang river happens to be a tributary of the Brahmaputra River which houses the Adi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. One can also enjoy the experience of River rafting in this river. This experience is a sure shot thing to try for couples seeking some adventure on their honeymoon. Being in a Grade III and Grade IV river do make your rafting experience go several notches higher.

What is the best time to visit this river?: This river must be visited during October and November.

Witness the amazing Gorichen Peak

gorichen peak arunachal pradesh

The Gorichen Peak is another really famous place in North East that is at a height of 6,500 meters above sea level, and happens to be one of the best places to visit in North East India. This place must be ideally visited in February to get the best out of your North East trip. Get yourself the most amazing North East Tour Packages which will give you one hell of a adventurous experience being here with your partner and enjoying some beautiful views. The landscapes here are extremely beautiful that actually makes all the hassle of climbing worth it.  Adventurous couples can also try camping, trekking and even rock climbing being here.

What is the best time to climb this peak?: You must try this trek during the month of February.

 Enjoy a whimsical Romance at the Nuranang Falls

Nuranang Falls

There is something utterly romantic about the waterfalls; credit has to be given to Bollywood to romanticizing waterfalls so much. Enjoy an out of the world romantic experience at Nuranang falls that also have the name of Bong Bong falls, these falls are at the height of 100 meters. This place is highly romantic and can be enjoyed with your partner. Make sure that you don’t miss out this place during your honeymoon in Northeast. One can also enjoy being at the foot of these waterfalls to enjoy the best time being here. Also there is a famous lake and connecting bridge that you must not miss out on.

Experience rainfall and beauty in Cherrapunji


This place is famous in the world for being ‘The wettest place in the world’, this place is a sight to fall in love with while being in the gorgeous Meghalaya. This place is famous for the living root bridges that have been formed here because of the extreme rains, this place is also ideal for camping. One can also experience the beauty and magic of the tropical flora and fauna while being here.

Explore the amazing Jaintia Hills

jaintia hills

This place is another gorgeous place located in the mighty Meghalaya, one would find limestone deposits being here.  One would also find a large number of caves being here in this amazing destination. There are a lot of shallow and long caves that one can witness being here making it one crazy experience for you. One can also enjoy the experience of spelunking being here.

Enjoy some peaceful moments at Ravangla

Buddha Park of Ravangla Pictures

This is one amazing tourist destination in the southern part of Sikkim which is an amazing place to visit, one would enjoy the beautiful view of flowers being here with your partner if you visit during the summers and enjoy the magnificent view of the snow capped mountains, if this place is visited during the winters. This place is a delight for the bird watchers to enjoy a great time with the Himalayan migratory birds This place also has the famous hot springs that you must visit. What is the best time to visit this place?: This place must be visited during April to June and September to January to make the most of your trip.

Witness the grandeur and magnificent history of North East at Talatal Ghar

North East at Talatal Ghar

This place actually means the “royal palace,” and was built by Swargadeo Singha in the 18th century. This is an incredible 7 storied palace with some unusual architecture to make your trip a lot more worth it. This place is a delight for the history lovers. You can get to know a lot about the glorious part of North East being here. Also if you are not someone who enjoys history much, then also this place is a delight for you.

What is the best time to visit this place?:  This place must be visited from 8 AM to 4 PM.

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Pay a visit the Majuli Islands as they are disappearing!

Majuli Islands

This is a gorgeous river island that you shouldn’t miss out on. And you need to hurry up as this place is getting submerged in water and may be would disappear completely at some point of time.  This place is also a cultural hub of the region and houses a lot of tribes. The island was once 1200 sq. km, but now it is just 420 sq. km.

What is the best time to Visit this place?: Though this place is gorgeous throughout the year but you must visit this place during the month of November to make the most of your trip.

Experience spiritual upliftment while being at the Shri Govindajee Temple

shri govindajee temple manipur

This is a beautiful shrine dedicated to Lord Krishna, this is a must visit place to attain spiritual upliftment and it is said that Lord Krishna takes away the worries and miseries of all the people who visit this place. This place has some magnificent architecture that you would want to capture in your eyes forever. Also this place will give you the great power of a peaceful mind and you will surely feel lighter after visiting this place.

What is the best time to visit this temple?: You must visit this temple during the mornings to avoid the crowd.

Witness the crazy time at Shilloi Lake

shilloi lake nagaland

The Shilloi Lake is a really famous hotspot in the amazing North East (Nagaland). This place is in the gorgeous town of Phek and is surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks. You will be astonished to witness the lake that also has an interesting story and various customs attached to it. This place will give you a crazy holiday experience. also has some stunning views and there is also a weird and horrifying story attached to it. This is one of the best places to visit on a north east india trip.

What is the best time to visit this place?: This place can actually be visited all through the year but you must ideally visit this place in Summer to make the most of your trip.

Explore the mighty Kanchenjunga


Kanchenjunga is one of the famous peaks in the Himalayan belt and also the experience of trekking to its base camp is a lot of fun and thrill that you would surely enjoy. The base camp of Kanchenjunga is 28169 ft. above the sea level.

This is a really interesting and highly amazing trek for the adventure lovers, you will enjoy the various range of peaks that has five great massifs of Kanchenjunga. There are also many other peaks such as Frey Peak, Kok Tang, Kabru Peak, Ratong, Chandra Peak and the Kabru Dome.

What is the best time to visit this place?: You would enjoy this experience the most between the time of Mid March to May and mid-September to October.

Witness the mesmerising Tsomgo Lake

tsomgo lake

You would fall in love with the journey that you undertake to reach this place which is a 38 km long journey from Gangtok which is at a height of 12,400 ft and is a treat to the sore eyes that they would never want to forget in their lives. This lake is still and is an asset to the Himalayas.

You will witness the awesome snow-clad mountains that are the main source for the water in Lake because the snow melts from the mountains. In winters, this lake can be found snow-covered increasing its beauty.

What is the best time to visit this place?: The best time to visit this place is in the winter where you can also enjoy a Yak safari on the frozen lake in the months of October to March.

Experience tranquility in Pelling

pelling sikkim

Pelling is one really famous place that you must not miss out on while being in the North East. This place is an enchanting sight in the North East which is at the height of 2000 meters and is a great place for you if you are looking for some peaceful moments and some calmness of your mind. Couples can also be a part of various other activities being here such as rock climbing, mountain biking, village walks etc.

You would also enjoy the enchanting view of North East while being in this gorgeous place. There are a lot of great places that you can visit while being in the North East.

What is the best time to visit this place?: Though this place can be visited throughout the year but summers are the best time to visit this place.

Get spell bounded in the presence of Laitlum Canyon

laitlum canyon shillong

You cannot miss this exciting place in North East, this place has derived its name ‘Laitlum Canyon’ where Laitlum actually stands for “The end of hills,” or “the end of the world.” This stunning Canyon is actually situated in the beautiful East Khasi hills that will provide you with some of the most stunning views of the whole valley of canyons. The tourists get some gorgeous views and awesome pictures at the rocky formations that make the experience of trekking a lot more fun. Also this place attracts a lot of nature lovers, photographer, and adventurers.
This canyon is pretty much secluded and is not crowded as most tourist places. The beauty of this place is surely unmatched. This place must be visited during the morning hours and Sharp Holidays advise you to carry your camera to capture the beauty of this place.

What is the best time to visit this place?: You must visit this place during sunset at around 4 to 5 PM

Pay a visit to the glorious Mawsmai Cave

Mawsmai Cave

This glorious cave in Northeast India which has enough light passing for the travelers to see the limestone structures and uneven walls making your visit worth it.
This wonderful cave underwent abrasion and underground water exposures that the stalactites and stalagmites are carved out. This cave is the only lit cave in Meghalaya.

What is the best time to visit this place?:  You can visit this place between November and March to make the most of your trip.

The village high up in the sky: Ziro Village

Ziro Village

Ziro village is the famous flat land that you will find in the sky, there are some sky high mountains with five villages where you will find the friendly tribe of Apatani. This place is great for celebrating the music fest annually. You will be amazed to find the rice field, tribal huts, the vibrant and colorful clothing of the Tribal people.

You can also shop for souvenirs and purchase the handmade crafts by Apatani people, clothes, Bamboo items like bamboo baskets etc.

What is the best time to visit this place?: Throughout the year, Ziro Music festival is celebrated mostly in the month of September and October.

Have a meet and greet with the tigers at the Dampa Tiger Reserve

dampa tiger reserve

This place is spread over 550 square kilometers and has some really alluring tigers that you can meet and enjoy being with these stunning beings. This is an amazing experience that you must get with your kids and your entire family. One would get to meet a lot of great species of animals and birds being in this great family friendly place.

Therefore, North East is one of the most exotic and amazing place that you can visit with your family Trip or your partner and enjoy some diverse experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime to remember and cherish for the rest of your life. This is one place that you cannot miss out on while being on a vacation.

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