Tamil Nadu: 12 Incredible Places to Visit in Coonoor You Shouldn’t Miss

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Planning to visit the land of Tamils? But don’t have any idea where to go in Tamil Nadu as there are plenty of tourist places to visit in Coonoor. The temples, culture, natural beauty, breathtaking sunsets, and rich history are some of the main attractions of the place. For that, tourists visit the place to adore and witness the unexplored places in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is spread around 130,060 km² which includes 37 districts namely Vellore, Nilgris, Kanyakumari, Madurai, Chennai, Coimbatore, and more. Although, Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu where all the flights landed and known as the starting point for tourists to travel to the top 12 incredible places to visit in Tamil Nadu.

Besides, Coonor offers some offbeat things to do in Tamil Nadu due to being recognized as the second largest hill station in Nilgiris hill after the Ooty place. Keeping in mind about tourist interest, we come up with the list of the best places to visit in Coonoor & Ooty and explore the Nilgiris district to the fullest. So, you can get an idea about why Nilgiris is famous among tourists who want to visit unexplored places.       

About Nilgiris District

Nilgiris is located 100 km away from Coimbatore which is the easiest way to get to the places called Coonoor and Ooty. The taxi and buses are ongoing on a daily basis so you can take any of the rides to reach the beautiful location to enjoy your holiday vacation. Nilgris is one of the most popular tourist destinations due to the Nilgiris mountain scenery offer to travelers. In between the western ghats range, this Tamil Nadu Travel Guide will help you out to experience the viewpoints and falls that are the top tourist attraction in Nilgiris places.

Tamil Nadu – Holy Town

Worth knowing about the culture and adore the beautiful architecture while visiting the holy places in Tamil Nadu. Some of the most famous temples in Tamilnadu are Meenakshi Amman temple, Brihadeeswara temple, Ekambareswarar temple, and Kailasanathar temple. Accordingly, you can explore these temples through the Meenakshi Temple tour as it covers most of the temple and sightseeing around it.    

Best Time To Visit Nilgiris, Coonoor

Tamil Nadu is the best destination to explore the lush greenery and magnificent sights around. So, to know about the best time to visit Coonoor and feel the nature vibes. From October to March is known as the best time to visit Tamil Nadu and experience the stunning climate. During winter, you can easily explore more tourist attractions and adore the breathtaking sunrise & sunsets from the top of the Nilgiris hills.

12 Tourist Places In Ooty And Coonoor With Map

To explore the lush green landscapes and witness the breathtaking sunsets with a pleasant climate. Here is the list of best Tamil Nadu tourism places that will surely help you know about Tamil Nadu tourist information before you visit the place through Tamil Nadu tour packages.

Tourist Map Of Coonoor

This tourist map of the Nilgiris district will help you in measuring the time taken to reach from one end to another without getting confused. So, look at once to acknowledge tourists’ places to visit in Coonoor. 

  • Doddabetta Peak
  • Botanical Garden
  • Lamb’s Rock
  • Dolphin Nose View Point
  • Law’s Falls
  • Avalanche Lake
  • Mudumalai National Park
  • Emerald Lake
  • Kodanad View Point
  • Pykara Lake
  • Tiger Hill Cemetery
  • Summer Festival Of Ooty
  • Upper Bhavani Lake
  • Pine Forest Shooting Spot
  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway

1. Doddabetta Peak

Doddabetta Peak
Doddabetta Peak

Known as the highest mountains in the district called Nilgiris Mountains. Doddabetta Peak is one of the best places to visit in Ooty and Coonoor in 2 days tour. This place is perfect for photography purposes to get some stunning shots from the top. The breathtaking views, misty clouds, lush greenery surrounding are some of the reasons behind a memorable trip to Doddabetta Peak. Besides, you can enjoy trying some activities like camping, trekking, and many more.

Entrance fee for adults: ₹ 6 

2. Botanical Garden   

Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden 

In the Nilgiris district, only two gardens are famous among tourists to explore on the trip to Coonoor. Botanical Garden and Sim’s Park are the top places to visit in Coonoor in August for feeling the greenery vibes around. Spread around 55 acres with flowers, waterfalls being in the list of top tourist places in Tamil Nadu. The Botanical Garden is situated in Udhagamandalam near Coimbatore. So, you can easily travel to places from your stay during the trip.  

Entry fee for Adults: ₹ 30

3. Lamb’s Rock

Lamb’s Rock
Lamb’s Rock

One of the best and unexplored places in Coonoor for tourists to visit and experience the beauty of the city from the viewpoint. Lamb’s rock is known for its beautiful sunsets and sunrise that makes it the most famous tourist place among tourists to must-visit and witness the breathtaking sunset. Moreover, you can enjoy the cool breeze between tranquillity and lush greenery.   

Entry fee of Lamb’s Rock: ₹ 10

4. Dolphin Nose View Point

Dolphin Nose View Point
Dolphin Nose View Point

The picturesque view of mountains can be seen through the dolphin’s nose road viewpoint. It is known for its natural beauty offers at its best to tourists and worthy trekking to the top and adore the cloudy mountains around. Although, you are thinking what is the reason behind the name given to the spot is that it resembles the dolphin nose. Moreover, you can witness the stunning views of beautiful Catherine Falls from the viewpoint.       

5. Law’s Falls

Law's Falls
Law’s Falls

The best thing to visit Law’s Falls Coonoor is that you don’t have to pay any entry fee to witness the mesmerizing waterfalls and feel the water sound. You can enjoy the stunning views and pleasant atmosphere around lush greenery. The dense forest offers gorgeous waterfalls and is worth seeing sights to tourists. Moreover, to reach this beautiful location you can take the heritage train Coonoor and enjoy the outside views from the toy train.

6. Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake
Avalanche Lake

This lake is famous among tourists for its scenery and beauty that makes a picturesque location. Whilst, traveling to the Avalanche lake you can enjoy the bus safari or jeep safari to experience the ride along with lush greenery. The mountain and beautiful flowers covered around the lake will surely leave you mesmerized. Moreover, the sights getting from the lake is just as stunning as the waterfalls rushing down gives a mesmerizing scenery.        

Entry Fee of Avalanche Lake: ₹ 150 

7. Mudumalai National Park

Mudumalai National Park
Mudumalai National Park

One of the most famous places to visit in Coonoor and Kotagiri is Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary due to the reason it was recognized as the first forest range to be declared as a national park in the Nilgiris district of the Tamil Nadu state. Apart from this, you can enjoy a lot around while trying some of the activities such as bus safari, jeep safari, Elephant safari and getting clicked with wildlife species. However, the National Park houses 50 tigers and other animals, birds, reptiles, and insects that enhance the beauty of nature and attracts tourists to be around for a long time.   

Entry fee :  ₹ 30

Bus Safari Fee: ₹ 340

Jeep Safari Fee: ₹ 4200

Elephant Safari Fee: ₹ 1120

8. Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake
Emerald Lake

Located in Emerald village which is 35 km away from the Nilgiris district so you can easily reach Emerald Dam by bus or taxi. And adore the beautiful lake to the closest with Tamil Nadu Tour Packages. You can enjoy exploring the tea plantations, lush greenery environment, and tranquil atmosphere. To enhance the beauty of the lake, species of ducks and aqua animals are the elements you can adore around. Furthermore, there are many things you can do like capturing the unseen beauty of nature, walking around the Tea Gardens and shopping in the best area.

9. Kodanad View Point   

Kodanad View Point
Kodanad View Point

One of the most popular places to visit in Coonoor in 2 days tour to Nilgiris. Kodanad viewpoint is located 15 km away from Kotagiri so you can enjoy the traveling period viewing the beautiful landscape on both sides of you. There are many places you can explore around are Catherine Falls, Nehru Park, Pandian Park, and many more. Besides, it is suggested to drive yourself to this beautiful location along with the green carpet of tea plantations. Moreover, you can experience a famed peak of dark and light flashy landscape scenery as Kodanad viewpoint is famous for this.    

10. Pykara Lake

Pykara Lake
Pykara Lake

Also known as the boat club so don’t get confused with names while traveling to Pykara Lake. Pykara Lake is one of the best places to visit in Coonoor in 3 days trip to explore the area to the fullest. There are many activities you can do around like motorboats and speed boats. Although, Pykara River let birth to a series of falls and also the Pykara Lake. It is located in the middle of the shola forest where you can experience the lush greenery and pleasant atmosphere. Meanwhile, enjoying the natural beauty at Pykara Lake you can enjoy some activities like Boat riding, Hiking, and party around the Boat club. From October to March is the best time to visit Pykara Lake and enjoy the environment around as the water level is high as compared to the summer season.

Entry fee of Pykara Lake: ₹ 10

11. Tiger Hill Cemetery  

Tiger Hill Cemetery

One of the best places to visit in Coonoor in May for tourists to acknowledge the mysterious place on your own and experience some unexplored things on your trip to Tamil Nadu. The atmosphere of the area is just stunning so you can enjoy the path to reach the tiger hill cemetery. During the ride, you can pass away from tea plantation, shady trees, and many more things. All in all, you can enjoy the time reaching the location and experience a lot of unique things to do at Tiger Hill Cemetery with family and friends like watching wildlife animals to the closest.

12. Summer Festival Of Ooty     

Summer Festival Of Ooty
Summer Festival Of Ooty

In the Nilgiris district, one of the must-visit places is the summer festival of Ooty which is held during the summer season. There, you can enjoy adorning the flower show, rose show and vegetable show at Botanical garden and Sim’s park. The shows entitles the young artists to showcase the best flower sculptures and modern floral crafts. During this festival, the garden looks like heaven on earth to be a part of the shows namely Spice show and fruit show. Moreover, you have to pay an entry fee to enter every show presented by the Tamil Nadu Tourism. 

Excited much? So, what are you waiting for? Plan a budget trip to Coonoor, Tamil Nadu and explore the beautiful places with family. And book Tamil Nadu Tour packages with us to visit the unexplored places in Tamil Nadu which offers the best landscape scenery for tourists to chill and feel relaxed from hectic schedules. Do comment in the below section to get a free quote and clear all the queries you have regarding the Coonor tour package.

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