All You Need To Know About the Festival of Lights, Diwali

celebrate Diwali in India

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the most awaited festivals in India, celebrated with many ordeals throughout the country. The festival of lights is arguably the biggest religious celebration in India when everything is decorated with lanterns, diyas, candles, and fairy lights on a moonless night. Generally, the celebration goes on for five days where families and friends come together to indulge in merry-making. Celebrated on a moonless night, yet no place in India remains in dark on this day. Diwali is a festival to share joy, happiness, sweets, and smile on everyone’s face, so it is celebrated by almost everyone. Some may take part in rituals and traditions and other may just get into firecrackers and celebrate Diwali in India.

Reasons to celebrate Diwali

We know that the festival is celebrated across the world with enthusiasm. Be it India or any other country, everywhere Diwali celebrations take place and all have some unique way to dive into the festivity of Diwali. Diwali signifies different meanings to different regions and religions across the country. Scroll down to know the reasons to celebrate Diwali-

The victory of Lord Rama is one reason why Diwali is celebrated. According to Ramayana, Lord Rama conquered Lanka and returned to Ayodhya with Goddess Sita after 14 years on the new moon.

Lord Krishna killed Narakaasur on the day before Diwali who had invaded the three worlds and took pleasure in torturing the folks there. Krishna rescued them from his captivity and the celebration took place for two days.

As per mythology, Goddess Lakshmi was first incarnated on the new moon day of the month Kartik during the churning of the ocean. It is another reason to celebrate Diwali and Lakshmi puja is performed on this day.

Coronation of Vikramaditya is another reason behind the Diwali celebration. On this day, the greatest of Hindu king was crowned.

Every different community has a different reason to celebrate the festival. These are just a few reasons why Diwali is celebrated.

Places to celebrate Diwali in India

When it comes to celebrating Diwali in India, the list of places is endless because the different regions and communities have their own unique way to celebrate this widest commemorated festival. Keep reading to know where you can travel this Diwali to celebrate it in a completely new way.

Uttar Pradesh

celebrate Diwali in India

What else can be the best place to celebrate Diwali than Uttar Pradesh? An abode to Lord Rama Ayodhya lies in Uttar Pradesh and Diwali is one of the enthusiastically celebrated festivals in this state as well as in Ayodhya. When in Uttar Pradesh during Diwali time, don’t miss a visit to Varanasi which is on the top in the list of places to celebrate Diwali in India. Celebrate Diwali in a traditional way amidst locals and tourists from across the world that come to be a part of special evening Ganga Aarti which lightens the Ganga with countless diyas floating over the surface.


celebrate Diwali in India

Bengal is another place in the list for Diwali celebration in India. This day is known as “Kali Puja” in West Bengal. Tantric practitioners and devotees worship Goddess Kali on this day and folks visit the neighborhood places in the evening to feast on a sacrificial goat.

Tamil Nadu

celebrate Diwali in India

In Tamil Nadu, the bursting of crackers happens during the day. Diwali in Tamil Nadu is must at least once in a lifetime. Folks here wake up before the dawn to indulge into the traditional bath. Betel leaves, fragrant pepper, and few other ingredients are mixed with hot oil for a traditional pre-bath massage. This day is celebrated in Tamil Nadu to celebrate the death of Narakasura at the hands of Lord Krishna.

Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan are few other places in India to know the unique Diwali celebrations in India.


Diwali around the world

Diwali is the festival that is celebrated not only in India but across the world. It is celebrated by Hindus across the world by exchanging gifts, wearing new clothes, and feasting delicacies. Read more to know what the places for Diwali celebrations in the world are-


Diwali around the world

With a substantial number of Indians in the country, Diwali celebration in the USA is filled with enthusiasm. California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, or be it any other city, temples there host Diwali night where priest performs customary prayers. Friends and family visit each other’s places to shower blessings and love and exchange gifts just like other places in the world.


Diwali around the world

There is a public holiday on Diwali in Singapore as there are significant Hindus in the country. Just like fervor in any city in India, akin can be seen in Little India in Singapore! Streets are decorated with red and gold, flowers, lanterns, and lights, and the aroma of incense fills the air with magic.


Diwali celebrations in the world

Australia is another place in the world to celebrate this Diwali. With substantial Indian in Australia, Diwali is celebrated with fun. Be it Melbourne, Sydney, or Diwali celebration in Brisbane, one can enjoy the festival at fullest with a display of firework, traditional Indian dances, cultural shows, and not to forget food.

There is no better way to truly know the joy of celebration than to be in one. Whether you want to celebrate it in India or anywhere in the world, these places will surely give you the true festive vibes.

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