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If this is your first time visiting Singapore, then we would like to give you these tips that will help you have a better stay in Singapore that is going to be hassle free and fun. So make sure to remember these tips by heart on your next Singapore tour package from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajsthan etc.

Make sure to dress as per the weather

The climate of Singapore is tropical and there is summer all through the year in this gorgeous city state. Also since you would be out most of the time so your clothes need to be appropriate for the climate so that you can make the most of this trip, also carry an umbrella along so that when it rains (which can be really sudden here), you can be prepared on Singapore holiday package all inclusions.

Have a little extra than your budget

Singapore is one of the most expensive places that one can visit, so this place can make you shell out more money than you would have thought of on Singapore tour package with flights, this place has all the facilities that one would possibly need for a good stay.

Save on some money while you buy food at the hawker centres

One can easily save out on a lot of money by not visiting those high end restaurants and cafes and relying on the local vendors for food. One can get the most authentic food from the hawkers. This food is also cheap and will let you try some of the best culinary delights of Singapore.

You can save a lot of money on Public transport

You can easily get around Singapore which is going to be really cheap. The road transport system that is public is not just cheap but also is really well maintained. One can also board the taxis that are often metered, however, one can also use the ride-sharing apps such as Grab and experience hassle free travel without worrying about the local currency. Also, one can choose the bike-sharing being there which happens to be another famous and cheap way to travel around.

Singapore has one of the best airports ever!

This airport is one of the best of the world; The Changi Airport of Singapore is one of the most famous airports of the world. This is a great airport for a long layover; this airport has the downtown area which is merely half an hour away from the airport by the public transport. So, in case, you have a long layover then this is the best airport for you to relax in. If you have a six-hour layover, have a free city tour that you can enjoy. This airport is so cool that locals have a great time making the most of their weekend here, visiting the gardens, enjoying free movie screenings, and also being in the swimming pool that is one of the best things to do in Singapore.

Know the rules

Singapore is famous for its rules and regulations that are pretty strict, so make sure to save yourself from the unnecessary troubles and fines by not being indulged in the things like tossing your cigarette butt into a drain, spitting in the street, sticking your chewing gum on public property etc. Also, one needs to keep in mind that the punishments are as severe as incarceration and caning if you indulge in any vandalism. One can also face the death penalty for drug-related offences, so these strict measures on crime makes Singapore, one of the safest places in the world.

It would be expensive to party as well as smoke in Singapore

Singapore is one of those places that have really high taxes on alcohol, so getting a drink here or buying a bottle can be bit expensive. So, you can start searching for some good happy hour deals to save money or buy your booze from the super markets to save on some money. It is also expensive to smoke here since Cigarettes are also expensive in Singapore, also, you can find it difficult to smoke in public since it is banned in clubs, restaurants, etc. So make sure to check out for yellow smokers’ box to know where you can smoke in Singapore.

Be aware of the customs rules as well as the duty-free concessions

Well, if you are thinking to know about the expensive alcohol and tobacco taxes, you must be aware of the duty-free concessions, as Singapore is pretty strict about all it offer. You can buy one liter each of spirits, wine and beer, or two liters of wine, plus one liter of beer, while being here in alcohol. One cannot find any concession on tobacco products; one can get an already-opened packet, but for everything else, you need to pay the taxes.

Singapore is really safe and not at all corrupt

In case, you are thinking of traveling to Singapore then you must know that the safety standards are high in Singapore, the crime rate is really low so you can be out till late. Also, you won’t find people taking bribes or being corrupt.

You need not pay an additional tip

Tipping is not necessary in Singapore so the service staff will not be expecting tips out of you. However, it is up to you if you want to tip for some great service. Most of the places will have the tip enlisted in the net fee, so it is entirely up to you on your Singapore holiday.

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