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When you visit another country, you should have a basic grasp of their language else it becomes really difficult for you to order food or to bargain while shopping and knowing even the little bit about the language surely comes handy when you are visiting another country. If you are visiting Thailand, these are the things that you must know.

Sawatdee (krub/kah): Hello
Sabai dee ru (krub/kah): How are you?
Sabai dee (krub/kah): Fine
Khob Khun (kup/kaa): Thank you
chai: Yes
mai chai: No
dai: (you/ I) can
mai dai: can not
mai pen: never mind (handy all purpose phrase to
rai: express the Thai go-with-the-flow attitude)
pood Thai: I can not speak Thai.
mai dai kow jai: I can not speak Thai.
kow jai mai: do you understand?
mai kow jai: I do not understand
nee Tao Rai?: How much?
pang: expensive
pang mak: very expensive
lot noi dai mai: can you give a little discount
took: cheap
naam: water
chok dee: good luck
sanaam bin: Airport
ron : hot
nao: cold
hong naam: toilet
naam keng: ice
nit noi: small - not much - a little bit
yai : large
bia : beer
soopburi: smoke (inhale cigarette smoke)
neung: 1
song: 2
sam : 3
see: 4
haa : 5
hok: 6
jet: 7
paed: 8
gow: 9
sip: 10
sip-et: 11
sip-song: 12
yee sip: 20
saam sip: 30

Thus, these are the important Thai words that you need to know while being on your Thailand.

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