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While being in a country, it becomes really easy if you have a basic hold of the language, else the basic things such as ordering food or shopping or bargaining or traveling from one place to another surely become a task. There are certain things that one needs to keep in mind while being on a Dubai honeymoon or trip. At least one should have a basic grasp of the language, the most important languages that are spoken in the UAE happen to be Arabic and English. One can make their way even by speaking English, but if you know some of these arabic terms, then vacation in Dubai becomes even more hassle free. There are many things that one needs to keep on mind while being on a Dubai Trip.

One should have the knowledge of how one can say hello and goodbye. In Arabic, the formal way to greet someone in Arabic happens to be as-salam alaykum, to which one has to respond by saying wa’alaykum as-salam. This literally means ‘peace be upon you.’ If you plan to say only hi, you can also say salam or halla, which actually means hello.

After visiting Dubai, you would be greeted with the either marhaba or be welcomed with an ahlan.

If you want to speak ‘how are you?’ or kayf halak (while saying it to a man) and kayfa halik (that can be used while addressing a woman). You can reply by Ana bekhair, shukran, which actually means ‘I’m fine, thank you.’ Goodbye is said by saying ma’a as-salamah, which literally means ‘go with peace.’

These are the words that will help you in your daily life in Dubai.

If while shopping, you need to ask ‘how much does it cost’, say kam yukalif?

‘yes’means na’am and no means la.

‘Please’ in Arabic is ‘min fadlak’ while addressing a man and min fadlik while talking to a woman.

‘Excuse me’ is said by ‘alma’derah’ and ‘sorry’ as ‘aesef’.
‘Thank you’ is said by saying ‘shukran’.
‘Maafi mushki’ means ‘no problem’ or ‘don’t worry about it.’
‘Inshallah’ means ‘if God wills it.’
‘Haram’ actually means a sin or something that is forbidden and goes against Islamic law.
‘Khallas’ means something that is finished, done, or enough.
‘Yallah’ means to ‘move quickly’ or ‘let’s go.’
‘Shu hadha?’ means ‘what is this?’

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