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There are many useful phrases that one needs to remember while being in Bali. There are a lot of things that you need to know in order to make your stay a lot easier while being in Bali. While visiting a place, it comes really handy when you know their local language, so we have compiled a list of useful Bali phrases for you to make it easy.

Phrase Balinese
Welcome Rahajeng rauh
Hello Swastyastu
Om swastyastu (May peace be with you)
How are you? Punapi gatrané?
Engken kabare?
Sapunapi gatra?
Ken ken kabare?
Reply to 'How are you?' Becik
Iyang becik-becik kewanten
Becik-becik, suksema
Men yie ken-ken?
What's your name? Sira wastané?
Sira parabé?
Sira pesengané?
Nyen adané?
Where are you from? Kamu uli dije?
Cai uli dije? (>m)
Nyai uli dije? (>f)
Good morning Rahajeng semeng
Good afternoon Rahajeng sanja
Rahajeng wengi
Good evening Rahajeng peteng
Good night Rahajeng wengi
Yes Inggih
No Ten
Maybe Minakadi
I don't know Tiang ten nawang
I understand Tiang ngresep
Sorry Ampura
Please Tempat
Thank you Suksema (inf)
Matur suksema (frm)
Help! Nulungin tiang!

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