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Thailand is a beautiful country that is famous for its hospitality all over the world, you can be assured that Thailand is going to be a great host to you, you would surely enjoy meeting the people of Thailand that are really cultured and religious. You would surely love to explore this beautiful country, but there are certain codes of conduct that you must know before you visit Thailand, as per the booklet published by the Tourist Authority of Thailand that was published with the purpose of assisting the tourists to Thailand.

The guidelines are:

#1/- Touching somebody on the head or passing something over the head of somebody is considered as improper even if it is performed as a friendly manner because the head is regarded as the highest part of the body.

#2/- You cannot go topless while enjoying the beaches in Thailand however, some beaches in other parts of the globe may allow you to do so.

#3/- The Public display of affection, commonly called as PDA in Thailand is not allowed. However, you may walk around there holding hands with your partner as this is accepted within the boundaries of the moral police and it doesn’t irritate others.

#4/- You must also know this that prostitution is not legal in Thailand however you can find the sex industry everywhere in this country.

#5/- Every visitor to Thailand is expected to display respect to the Royal family just the way the people of Thailand show respect to the Royals of this country.

#6/- Also if you are visiting a temple in Thailand, you will see some signboards outside because you need to make sure that you are dressed properly, you should put off your slippers or shoes before entering a Buddhist temple.

#7/- You should never Index towards somebody with your foot as this is regarded impolite in Thailand.

#8/- You should never touch the monks or offer anything to them straightly if you are a woman, in case, a woman wants to offer anything to a monk, she must pass it to a man first, who can then offer the same to the monk. If the woman wants to offer the alms to the monk with her own hands, the monk will expand a saffron robe and accept the gift on it.

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