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If you are planning a trip to Dubai then these tips would come in handy for you. These are the best tips that we would like to give you to make your Dubai stay a happy and hassle free one. Also, one needs to keep in mind that Dubai truly has some of the strictest laws but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting this luxurious place. So, read on . . .

Try planning your visit between October and April

Dubai is a great place that has just two seasons, out of which one is hot and the other is even hotter. Dubai is predominately a hot place to visit, the time period between October and April which is also known by the name of winter season of Dubai which is not that cold though, this is the time when one would witness clear blue skies and some amazing beach weather that one would enjoy in Dubai. This season is also a rainy season; however you don’t need to worry as the rains in Dubai don’t last long.

Try booking your flights six months in advance

It is actually the case that the International airlines usually have their cheapest of seats released six months ahead. So, it would be wiser to book your tickets in advance.

Make sure to dress modest

While you are packing your wardrobe for the vacation, make sure that you are packing all the conservative clothes while you do your packing. Make sure that you don’t wear anything short, transparent or something very tight. Make sure that you respect the culture and thoughts of Muslims.

One needs to show their respect at the time of Ramadan

If one is planning to visit Dubai at the time of the sacred Ramadan, Ramadan is actually celebrated at the time of the ninth month of the 12-month Islamic calendar, it is the time when you are not suppose to eat, drink or smoke in public in the time duration of sunrise and sunset as it is the time of fasting for muslims.

Learn about tipping

You are not expected to tip while being in Dubai, but people usually do it. Especially, there are many great restaurants that actually add up a tip to your bill. It is not necessary to tip your taxi driver but you can tip your luggage carriers and supermarket baggers.

Make sure to ask for permission while you click pictures

If you are taking a picture in Dubai, make sure you never click a stranger without their permission. Especially it is not allowed to take a picture of any muslim woman without her permission, also you are not allowed to take pictures of any government buildings, be it the military installations, airports, etc.

Dubai means no PDA

If you are planning a Dubai Holiday, you must keep in mind those Public displays of affection is not something that Dubai is comfortable with, you might even get arrested for doing that. So, don’t hold hands or kiss in public while being in Dubai.

You don’t just give an address to your taxi driver

While you are moving around in Dubai, taxis are the great mode of transport, you will find a lot of them in Dubai and they are cheap as well. However it is important to understand that your taxi drivers might not know all about the city, so make sure to tell them the landmarks.

Be cautious of the place where you consume alcohol

Alcohol is actually legal in Dubai; however, it is not allowed to drink in public places as it is prohibited. Also, you need to buy alcohol only from places that have a license.

It would be wiser to book your hotels beforehand

Dubai is a really famous place for holiday where the best time to visit is during October to April but since this place is the peak season; the hotels are usually booked at this time, so you need to book your hotels in advance to enjoy a hassle free stay.

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